New Advanced Anti-Ageing Treatments From Yon-Ka Paris

Choose from three revitalising, rejuvenating treatments for face, neck and eyes to promote a healthy production of collagen and elastin which firms and tones the skin. Mesotherapy delivers fast, reliable and impressive results, by delivering vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the skin for total skin rejuvenation.

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This is a specialised treatment to dramatically improve dull, fatigued and ageing skin. It combines a brightening peel, 0.5mm mesotherapy needling, a vitamin & mineral infusion, botanical mask and a probiotic repair treatment for maximum radiance. Book Now


This mesotherapy treatment restores vital hydration to the deeper layers of the skin to enhance its health and beauty. Using a powerful layering of AHAs, hyaluronic acids, antioxidants, and amino acids, with 0.5mm mesotherapy needling, the skin's youth is re-activated. Book Now


Designed to increase collagen and glycoaminoglycan (GAGS) production within the skin while boosting skin density and firmness. This treatment utilises a synergy of advanced lipoaminoacid formulas, peptide complexes, marine collagen and vitamin C to achieve visible, targeted results. Book Now

Treatments include a deep exfoliation using an AHA peel to resurface the skin. This prepares your skin, making it more receptive to mesotherapy and the cocktail of specific rejuvenation/hydrating/anti-ageing vitamins applied. A soothing, hydrating mask finishes this fantastic rejuvenating treatment.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid are stimulated leaving younger, plumper, brighter and firmer skin.

For best results a course of four treatments fortnightly is recommended.

One treatment €150

Four treatments €500