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Yon-Ka Aroma-Fusion Escape

Choose from four wellness journeys and escape to a place of renewed wellness and well-being.

Combine your desired Scrub with your desired Massage to embark on a 90 minute journey of your own desire...

90min / €120

gamme VITALITE - corse.jpg


Rich in precious, iconic essential oils from Provence, Lavender, Everlasting & Petigrain work together to detox, re-balance, support drainage and boost circulation.

The experience begins with the gentle scrub (or choose one of the other two), followed by a relaxing massage focusing on detoxifying and lymphatic drainage techniques completes your Detox Escape.



Escape to a stimulating olfactory world inspired by French forests with this invigorating trio of Cedar, Cypress & Rosemary. This treatment targets cellulite, increases circulation and products are clinically proven to have slimming effects.

Tone, firm and lift with the intense Marine Salt Scrub as it stimulates and invigorates before a toning massage incorporating bamboo sticks leaves you relaxed and renewed. A wonderful treatment if you suffer from tired, aching legs.


The warm, delicate, floral-aromatic notes of Tiare and Jasmine make this the perfect exotic ritual which will take you on an indulgent voyage to French Polynesia. Experience deep relaxation as the beautiful aromas soothe, calm and bring about a state of emotional healing and wellness.

Gourmet 2 sugar scrub, gently softens and polishes your skin while a deeply relaxing massage incorporating hot stones on your back allows you to totally "let go" and enjoy the journey.



Deeply rooted in the fruity and tangy notes of Corsica, the Mandarin - Sweet Orange duo is uplifting and re-balancing, fights fatigue, brings vitality and renewed energy.

Feel your stress and fatigue melt away as your skin is gently polished by the Gourmet 2 sugar Scrub. A re-balancing massage with hand and foot acupressure and Shiatsu techniques, removes blocked energy, relieves stress and restores wellbeing.

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