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Let yourself be carried away into the Yon-Ka universe creating a spa at home experience taking in the aroma of the Signature Yon-Ka Quintessence and (re)discover the pleasure of soft, moisturised and luminous skin.


Yon-Ka Huile Detox Body Oil 100ml
This natural Detox Oil, with aromatic essences of lavender and helichrysum nourishes the skin intensely.
Rich but light and quickly absorbed, it preserves the youthfulness of the epidermis thanks to sesame and baobab oils and detoxifies the skin under the action of pistachio lentisque. It leaves the skin soft and satiny and envelops the body with the relaxing and balancing scent of the Provençal scrubland.

Yon-Ka Lait Hydrant - Detox Body Moisturiser 200ml
This Detox Moisturising Body Milk with lavender and helichrysum essential oils hydrates, softens and brings immediate comfort to your skin. With a fresh, light texture, it quickly penetrates without leaving a greasy film so you can quickly get dressed after applying it.
Its 100% natural fragrance draws its detoxing, balancing and relaxing properties from Provence and takes your skin back to smooth and silky.

Yon-Ka Body Collection

  • Gifts for her. Mum, Aunt or a 'to me, from me' Christmas treat/Self gifting. For anyone who loves their aromatherapy body products, also excellent as a sleep aid when products are applied before bed.

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