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Blended with biodynamic collagen peptides and organic botanicals, this detox herbal tea will restore your natural beauty, boost energy, improve digestion and detoxify while assisting with improved skin texture, thicker hair and stronger nails.

This delicate tea has all the flavour you want, with none of the caffeine or sugar you don’t. Warming, aromatic, and mildly spiced with the flavours of lemongrass and juniper berries, combined with the fragrant petals and buds of rose flowers, this antioxidant-packed tea is one of the easiest and most delicious ways to restore your natural beauty, boost energy, treat digestion, and detoxify.

Cramps, nausea and digestive issues killing your vibe? Glow Getter is loaded with soothing calendula, liquorice root and fennel to settle all your belly woes in no time. 

From boosting your immune system and flushing toxins, to amping up the health of your hair, skin and nails, this mellow and satisfying fusion of herbal power is the perfect guilt-free treat that we just know will keep you coming back for refills.

Storage: Store below 25c in a dry place

How often: Suited to all day sipping

* Disclaimer: If you're pregnant it is best to advise getting approval from medical professionals prior. There is nothing that is known for negative or harmful effects, however, we would like to point that you require confirmation from a medical/naturopathic professional prior. 

Glowgetter - Detox Collagen Beauty Tea

  • Collagen peptides: Offering structural support to keep skin looking plump and youthful, hair healthy and nails strong. 18 amino acids combine to assist with bone and joint health while it improves gut health and energy level.

    This herbal tea blend also includes certified organic:

    Calendula: Packed with antioxidants, a superb lymphatic herb known to calm muscle spasms; ease menstruation troubles; improve skin health; and soothe the gut. 

    Rose: Loaded with vitamins (E, D, C, A, and B3), and powered by antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Lemongrass: Full of antioxidants which can help regulate metabolism and blood pressure, aid digestion, plus reduce cold and flu symptoms. Great for naturally beautiful skin and hair.

    Liquorice Root: Soothes gastrointestinal issues and reduces nausea, stomach pain, and heartburn. A powerful antioxidant that also keeps your skin and liver happy and healthy.

    Fennel: Packed with all the good stuff to support heart health, this seed also helps ease digestion discomfort and nausea.

    Juniper Berries: Containing antioxidants, juniper berries are a wonderful sleep aid, and great for heart health, skin conditions and digestion.

    Nettle: Improving bone, kidney, digestive and cardiovascular health are on nettle’s must-have list. Menstrual cramps? Not so much. A natural skin beautifier and clarifier, it encourages shinier hair as well as new hair growth.

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