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Because no good story ever started with streaky skin 

Loving this buffer brush is easy.

Crafted to work in tandem with our Afterglow Skin Finishing Gloss, it delivers head to toe radiance without uneven build up or streaks.

Leave the heavy handed look to the catwalk - you’ll be buffing like a pro for next-level smoothness every time. 

Add this buffer brush to your collection for ultimate product payoff without any absorption - meaning your dewy finishing gloss ends up where it’s supposed to.

At VANI-T we love versatility, so this buffer brush is also the perfect pairing for your bronzer, highlighter and powder foundation. 

You can thank the velvety soft bristles for a brush that feels as soft as it looks. It’s how we imagine it would feel to be stroked with the wings of 1000 butterflies. Or the eyelashes of tiny angels. Okay, you get the picture.

Face& Body Buffer Brush

  • Use the Face & Body Brush in circular motions to blend and buff product evenly onto the skin.

    Pro tip: for heavier coverage, use a stippling motion

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